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Efficient products for renovation and construction. Maximun functionality, superior technology and quality in electronics and electrical engineering, electronic control and home automation.


Installation, motion detection, climate control and lighting appliances. An unbeatable offer with products of the highest quality and at exceptional prices, with which you can achieve comprehensive coverage of your needs in your projects.


The quality of our products
allows you to trust the Suevia brand.

ISO 9001

Since 1994 we have been ISO 9001 certified and work with a strict quality management.


This quality management allows us to offer you a 3-year guarantee in all our products

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  • DinO One D Mechanical timer
    Mechanical timers

    DinO One D

    Single contact mechanical timer for time control

  • Mechanical timer DinO One RD
    Mechanical timers

    DinO One RD

    Mechanical timer for time control. Its small size allows mounting in existing cabinets with little space available.

  • Mechanical timer DinO One RS
    Mechanical timers

    DinO One RS

    Mechanical timer with weekly lateral sphere easy to program by movable trippers


  • DinO D Mechanical timer
    Mechanical timers

    DinO D

    Mechanical timer with front dial for easy programming

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2021 collection

A market that is as dynamic and demanding as that of electrical appliances in our country demands products with maximum functionality and guarantee every day. Brands that offer superior technology and quality, but at the same time have competitive prices. This is where Suevia comes in. Suevia appears with the support of a large company in electronics and electrical engineering and thus receives support from many years of experience. As a result, Suevia integrates the most advanced and innovative technology in all of its products and offers a complete and competitive program.