Suevia Product Details

DinO Sup RD

Mechanical timer with front dial for easy programming



Front dial for easy programming
Daily / 15 min
Changeover contact and replaceable battery
Installation on DIN rail, two modules and a half wide (44 mm.)
Front sphere easy to read and program
Backup battery (150 h interchangeable)
Switch for manual control with three positions: automatic, and permanent on/off. Particularly useful to cancel existing programming during holiday periods
Sealable clear window to avoid unauthorised handling
Minimum operation time 15 minutes

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 Va.c., 50-60 Hz
Contact: Changeover
Switching capacity: 16 (4) A 250 Va.c.
Operating temp.: -10 ºC to +50 ºC
Protection degree: IP 20 according to EN 60529
Max. cross section: 4 mm²
Max. Recomm. Load
Incandescent: 3000 W
Fluorescent: 1200 VA
Halogen 12 Va.c.: 2000 VA
Halogen 230 Va.c.: 3000 W
Low Consumption: 1000 VA
Downlights: 900 VA
LED: 200 VA

Documentation & Downloads

Technical data sheet


Declaration of Conformity