Suevia Product Details


Staircase timer for installation on DIN rail



DIN rail mounting, one module wide (17,5 mm)
Suitable for 3 or 4 wires installations
Timing from 45 s to 7 min
Front timing selector
Dust and dirt protection window
Resettable timing
Manual control with two positions: automatic operation, or permanent on that cancels timing during repairing, maintenance or cleaning tasks of the installation
Glow lamps up to 50 mA

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 Va.c., 50-60 Hz
Switching capacity: 16 AX 230 Va.c.
Operating temp.: -10 ºC to +50 ºC
Protection degree: IP20 according to EN 60529
Max. cross section: 4 mm².
Max. Recomm. Load
Incandescent: 3000 W
Fluorescents: 1200 VA
Halogen 12 Va.c.: 2000 VA
Halogen 230 Va.c.: 3000 W
Low Consumption: 1000 VA
Downlights: 900 VA
LED: 100 VA

Documentation & Downloads

Technical data sheet


Declaration of Conformity