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  • Movement sensor ViaLux E
    Lighting control

    ViaLux E

    Movement sensor suitable for all types of lamps

  • Movement sensor ViaLux S
    Lighting control

    ViaLux S

    Movement sensor with discreet design ideal for hotels and offices

  • ViaMat movement sensor
    Lighting control


    Motion detector for wall mounting. Detection field 180º.

  • Movement sensor ViaTec
    Lighting control


    Movement sensor with zero-crossing relay for a better switching of LED-type loads, fluorescence or low energy lighting

  • Photocell lighting control UrbanCell
    Lighting control


    Photocell lighting control ideal for shop windows, entrance gates, illuminated signs, etc.

  • Astronomic timer for lighting control DigiAstro 2
    Astronomic timer

    DigiAstro 2

    Astronomic timer for lighting control

  • Temperature control TermoMat
    Temperature control


    Digital thermostat for temperature control with easy and intuitive daily and weekly scheduling

  • Temperature control TermoStat
    Temperature control


    Analog thermostat with gas diaphragm