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Motion detector for wall mounting. Detection field 180º.


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Motion detector for wall mounting
Ideal model for landings, landings, entrances, etc …
Detection field 180º Max 12m from the front and 7m x 2 from the side with transversal movements 7m from the front and 4m x 2 from the side with movements towards the detector with an ambient temperature of 20ºC
Time selector from 10 s to 10 min
Brightness selector 5-300 lux

Technical specifications

Power supply: 230 V ac 50 Hz
Switching capacity: µ 10 A / 230 V~ cosφ = 1
Detection angle: 180º.
Detection field: 12 m.
Brightness range: 5 to 2000 lux.
Timing range: 10 s to 10 min.
Degree of protection: IP44 according to EN 60529.
Operating temperature: -10 ºC to +50 ºC.
Maximum recommended load:
Incandescents: 2000 W
Fluorescent: 400 VA
Low voltage halogen (12 V AC): 800 VA
Halogen (230 V AC): 2000 W
Low consumption lamps: 400 VA
Downlights: 400 VA
LED: 40 VA

Documentation & Downloads

Technical data sheet


Declaration of Conformity